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I am taking a Creative Nonfiction writing class. This is my work for one of the assignments.

Announcing MapRoulette Challenges for fixing up TIGER in Utah

I wrote a how-to recently on “Cleaning up” after the OpenStreetMap TIGER import. As a reminder, here’s what TIGER data used to look like when it was imported into OSM in 2008: Fortunately, the OpenStreetMap community has fixed most of the alignment and road classification issues connected to the TIGER import in the past 12Continue reading “Announcing MapRoulette Challenges for fixing up TIGER in Utah”

Create Your Own MapRoulette Challenge: Updating Deprecated Tagging

I am really proud of how far MapRoulette has come. It is now really easy to create Challenges mappers can work on together to improve OpenStreetMap. Many OSM groups already use MapRoulette to coordinate mapping activities—both volunteer communities as well as corporate mapping teams. Read for example this recent blog post by Monica Brandeis ofContinue reading “Create Your Own MapRoulette Challenge: Updating Deprecated Tagging”

30 minutes

It hasn’t been that long since we moved to this town, this new country. You are from here, know things I do not, move about this uncharted space with its unfamiliar and unwritten rule-set, and I follow you, mimic you, create my map. I speak the language—people comment on my accent, where are you from,Continue reading “30 minutes”

My Position Statement for the 2020 OpenStreetMap US Chapter Board Elections

I am running for a seat on the OSM US board and I hope you will consider voting for me! OSM US is a large, influential and forward-thinking community. Now that we have Maggie Cawley as Executive Director, we are uniquely positioned and qualified to lead with ideas and actions to keep moving OSM forwardContinue reading “My Position Statement for the 2020 OpenStreetMap US Chapter Board Elections”


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