KITT Come Get Me! Mapping Parking Lots in OpenStreetMap with MapRoulette

Tesla rolled out their v10 car software late September. A notable and much discussed feature it introduced is Smart Summon. Your Tesla will come find you in a parking lot.

Tesla owners were quick to figure out that this works better in some lots than in others, and the reason why is better mapping of roads within parking lots.

Better mapped parking lots benefit not only Tesla but also all other users of OpenStreetMap data, and they make the map look better too.

It can be tricky to know where to find parking lots in OSM that lack detail. This is why I created a MapRoulette Challenge to serve them to aspiring lot mappers one by one. If you’re unfamiliar, MapRoulette is the microtasking platform for OpenStreetMap I came up with in 2012 and have been building out, with help of a great team, since then.

If you haven’t used MapRoulette before, here’s a quick step by step:

  • Go to the Challenge page on MapRoulette
  • Click ‘Sign in to get started’. This will take you to OSM to sign in
  • After you’re redirected to MapRoulette, click ‘Start’
  • You are served a random Task. Click ‘Edit’ to edit the area displayed on the map in OSM
  • Improve the parking lot by adding parking aisles. See the Task instructions for details
  • Upload the changes to OSM
  • Return to the MapRoulette tab in your browser
  • Confirm that you completed the task
  • Repeat as many times as you like

Are you interested in how to create Challenges like this? I am writing a post detailing step by step how I created this one. Stay tuned for that, or head over to the MapRoulette documentation right now for general instructions.

Published by Martijn van Exel

Geospatial omnivore. OpenStreetMap - Open Data

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