How to show hidden files in Ubuntu

ctrl-h Apparently WordPress will not let me post a thing that short, so here’s the why: the internet is full of fluff, and that’s fine, but oftentimes you just want to find something quick. I was looking for this answer and was instantly annoyed by the first thing I clicked, which took two pages worthContinue reading “How to show hidden files in Ubuntu”

Announcing MapRoulette Challenges for fixing up TIGER in Utah

I wrote a how-to recently on “Cleaning up” after the OpenStreetMap TIGER import. As a reminder, here’s what TIGER data used to look like when it was imported into OSM in 2008: Fortunately, the OpenStreetMap community has fixed most of the alignment and road classification issues connected to the TIGER import in the past 12Continue reading “Announcing MapRoulette Challenges for fixing up TIGER in Utah”

Create Your Own MapRoulette Challenge: Updating Deprecated Tagging

I am really proud of how far MapRoulette has come. It is now really easy to create Challenges mappers can work on together to improve OpenStreetMap. Many OSM groups already use MapRoulette to coordinate mapping activities—both volunteer communities as well as corporate mapping teams. Read for example this recent blog post by Monica Brandeis ofContinue reading “Create Your Own MapRoulette Challenge: Updating Deprecated Tagging”