OpenStreetMap How-To: Clean Up After Tiger

I’ve been working on a new version of the TIGER Battlegrid, but haven’t had a lot of time to make progress lately, so in the mean time I’ve been thinking about quick ways to help mappers clean up after TIGER. I have a couple of ideas. One involves MapRoulette that will require a little bitContinue reading “OpenStreetMap How-To: Clean Up After Tiger”

KITT Come Get Me! Mapping Parking Lots in OpenStreetMap with MapRoulette

Tesla rolled out their v10 car software late September. A notable and much discussed feature it introduced is Smart Summon. Your Tesla will come find you in a parking lot. Tesla owners were quick to figure out that this works better in some lots than in others, and the reason why is better mapping ofContinue reading “KITT Come Get Me! Mapping Parking Lots in OpenStreetMap with MapRoulette”

TIGER and OSM, 12 years later

More than a million people have edited OpenStreetMap (OSM) for the last 15+ years (and I am one of them). That means we have a map that is fantastic to look at in many places, like here at Epcot Center in Florida, USA. OSM mappers love to highlight great and impactful mapping accomplishments like Map Kibera and theContinue reading “TIGER and OSM, 12 years later”